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Child Developmental and Diagnostic Center

414 N. Mills Ave.
Suite 201
Orlando, FL 32803


Phone number

ph: 407-841-3922
fax: 407-835-7844

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Professional Services

Psychological Evaluations

We assess Intelligence levels, learning styles, academic skills, attention skills, and behavioral and emotional needs.


We offer individual, group or family sessions to assist you and your family in working through life's challenging issues.

Training and Therapy

We support individuals and families in improving communication skills, reducing conflict, and improving behavioral and academic skills. We offer play therapy to our youngest clients.


We provide educational and psychological services for children, young adults, and families with a wide range of needs.

Speech and Language

Our speech and language pathologist specializes in the evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of communication disorders.


We offer medical referrals to developmental pediatricians who specialize in the care of children with behavioral, emotional, and educational difficulties.